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Seaworld’s Wetsuit Penguin Starts The New Year With New Feathers


The female penguin who received a custom wetsuit (story linked down below) as a part of her specialized care at SeaWorld Orlando, has started 2017 with a fresh coat of feathers.

Known as Wonder Twin, her story captured a great deal of attention when guests of the park began to see her in the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin habitat wearing the wetsuit.

The 26 year old Adelie penguin had experienced feather-loss, which can happen to penguins in their natural habitats and wild populations. The wetsuit, created by SeaWorld’s aviculture and wardrobe teams, was designed to mimic her natural coat of feathers so she could regulate her body temperature.

With the help of her wetsuit and continued care from the SeaWorld Orlando team, she has successfully regrown a new coat of feathers and no longer needs to wear her wetsuit.

One Off Wetsuit Designed For A Penguin

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