You asked? and Universal gave you what you wanted

You asked? and Universal gave you what you wanted

First off i’d like to welcome you to my new site, we hope you like it and enjoy coming back time and time again.

To our Uk followers you guys asked Universal to bring its new app to the uk iTunes store and thats right you guessed it, they listened and gave you guys what use wanted.


I put the information out on Twitter and Instagram earlier and we couldn’t think of a better first post.
This is what Universal had to say when the first released the app:-

Official Mobile App
What’s the big deal about free Wi-Fi, you ask? I mean, about every coffee shop on the planet offers free Wi-Fi. Well, most coffee shops I know of don’t also have a ridiculously cool new mobile app! That’s right, we’re also proud to announce the launch of The Official Universal Orlando Resort App. This puppy offers up features our guests have been asking us for…all at the swipe of a finger.

Attraction Wait Times
Let’s start with attraction wait times. This one’s obvious. You love Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit; you don’t love lines. Now you can monitor the wait times on your phone from across the park and swoop in just when it’s dipped below your acceptable threshold. Cha-ching!

Photographic Wayfinding
If you’re anything like me (or my directionally challenged girlfriend), than one of the most utilized apps on your phone is the GPS map. We’ve created our very own map function for both theme parks. What makes this tool stand out is that it uses real park images that help visually guide you step-by-step to your desired attraction.

It’s like your phone has eyes…and a brain…and a compass…and a detailed understanding of satellite technology. Oh wait, it does.

Additional Features
Among the app’s other features is a tab providing in-park information on ride status, upcoming show times and special events. There’s also an intuitive sorting feature that allows you to explore Universal Orlando by park, by activity or by amenity. Because what good is an app if it can’t tell you where the nearest corn dog stand is.

Cue infomercial voice: But that’s not all, folks! The app will add loads of other cool features over time, like social sharing capabilities, instant Express Pass purchase (even in queue lines!) and customizable itineraries so you can make your vacation, well, your vacation.
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So with the parks new expansion due to open on July 8th we can’t think of a better reason not to have this handy little app, its gonna be a great addition to have in your pocket especially while using the parks new xfinity wifi they have rolled out across universal, ioa and city walks.

Head on over to the app store now and download The Official Universal Orlando Resort app today!

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