Save on Car Rental traveling to Florida

Save on Car Rental traveling to Florida


This is a subject we have wanted too cover for a while, as we are heading back out in November we decided to take some time and see if we could save on car rental, we had a list of sites and most come up short when searching for a specific SUV after a good 2 weeks of searching, we decided to check some apps on the Apple app store this is where we found

Apps for both iPhone and iPad aswell as being on the android market, we searched for a Ford Escape to be picked up at 17.30 on 11/15/2014 and returned 16.00 on 11/29/2014, total price 272.00gbp seeing it at this price we jumped at it and is now booked.
We then decided to check the website for the company they are using to provide us with our car to which we found the car for the same 2 weeks at 352.00gbp, not a big saving but a saving non the less and money thats much better off in your pocket.

Be sure to shop around and don’t accept the first quote you get, there are deals to be had out there, save your self money today

Many more little tips to come from us soon

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