PhotoKey Coming To Busch Gardens Tampa.

PhotoKey Coming To Busch Gardens Tampa.


If you have been to Busch Gardens Tampa recently you may have noticed something a bit new around the park. Photo Key logos can be seen almost everywhere. But a question quickly comes to the mind, What is Photo Key? Well we are here today to explain just that.

Before you even enter the park’s Ticket Booth’s you are greeted with this Photo Key stand currently closed.

  If you are familiar with Universal’s Photo Connect program, then you pretty much already know what PhotoKey is. Photo Key is made by the same company as Universal’s Photo Connect program which is “Amazing Pictures”. For a fee guests can purchase an Annual Pass for the PhotoKey program. With your annual pass you will receive all of your photos taken in and round the park including your on-ride photos.

What does the PhotoKey Annual Pass look like?

The PhotoKey Annual Pass on the front looks like this:

The front of the PhotoKey pass looks like this (And yes the lanyard is included with the purchase price!)

We got a sneak peak at what the back of the PhotoKey looks like but due to the fact that each pass has a unique QR Code/Barcode we decided not to take a picture. But the PhotoKey card look IDENTICAL to what the Photo Connect Star Card’s look like.


The arrows used to highlight each paragraph are replaced by keys on the PhotoKey pass.

How much will a PhotoKey pass cost?

PhotoKey passes are surprisingly very cheap. We saw two boards in the park advertising the new service with these prices attached to them:

We expect that the standard PhotoKey will allow you access to one single day’s worth of photos and will be $29.95 to guests and $24.95 to Pass Members. PhotoKey PLUS will be $34.95 to guests and will be $29.95 to Pass Members, we are not sure what this option will include. Then at an amazing value of $49.95 guests can buy an Annual PhotoKey which will allow you a full year of photos, Pass Members can buy an Annual PhotoKey for an introductory offer of just $24.95 and can get all the photos from around the park for the full year.

 You can currently register for PhotoKey by going to but you are not yet able to purchase your PhotoKey pass.

PhotoKey advertisements are able to be seen all around the park in many different locations.


What exactly is PhotoKey? 

With PhotoKey you will be able to get digital copies of your on-ride pictures and the pictures taken by park employees as you’re walking through the park. How this will work is simple, as we showed you earlier the PhotoKey pass will have a unique QR code/Barcode and that will be linked to your account (You can sign up in person at the park, or online) which you will hand to an employee that takes of photo of you and your family. The employee will have a wireless scanner and will scan your Barcode, and almost immediately your photos will be on your account. When getting off rides there have been machines installed that will have touch screens in them. You will find your ride photo and scan your PhotoKey card with the scanner built into the machine.


To retrieve your photos you can login to your account on either the PhotoKey app (Coming soon to Android and iPhone) or you can use the web portal. Both of these options will allow you to download a crystal clear copy of your photo.

WebPortal  PhotoKey App

Via the app, online portal, or in-park you will also be able to get actual copies of your photos at an additional fee.

The PhotoKey service will also be appearing soon in other SeaWorld parks but you will have to purchase an additional pass at each park. It is not yet known when PhotoKey will be available in the park, but it is currently testing to employees only. Several employees indicated to us that the PhotoKey service would launch to the Public later this week.

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