Falcon's Fury Officially Opens At Busch Gardens Tampa.

Falcon's Fury Officially Opens At Busch Gardens Tampa.

After months of delay and anticipation, the day is finally here. Falcon’s Fury has been officially opened by Busch Gardens Tampa. Falcon’s Fury is North America’s Tallest Freestanding Drop Tower. Manufactured by Intamin, Falcon’s Fury stands at a whopping 355 feet! The ride which was originally set to open in May of 2014 was delayed due to a manufacture error. Falcon’s Fury began to “Soft Open” to originally employee’s only for 3 days, then the ride soft opened to all guests of the park. We were lucky enough to have gotten the chance to ride the ride this past Saturday, here are a couple of pictures:

Special thanks to Viktor of bgtbuzz.blogspot.com for taking the photos of me on the ride.

The guests that were given the chance to ride before the official grand opening have said the “love the ride” and “There is nothing like it anywhere!”  We took some photos from last Saturday’s Soft Open.

Not brave enough to take the plunge on Falcon’s Fury? We have you covered, here is an HD POV we recorded on Falcon’s Fury:

To learn more about Falcons Fury and to buy your tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa, Click HERE.


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