Standing Room Only Expected for Fun Stop Photos

Standing Room Only Expected for Fun Stop Photos

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Elk Grove Village, IL, Oct. 24, 2014   – It’s likely to be standing room only in Team Play’s Booth 2000 at IAAPA this year.   Team Play is bringing two major sensations to Orlando and anticipates a particularly good show.

First, Team Play’s much-anticipated Fishbowl Frenzy™ will be officially released and is expected to draw a huge crowd.   Second, Team Play will release a slew of new features for its hugely-popular Fun Stop Photos™ line of digital photo booths, which always draw a huge crowd of their own.  But most importantly?  “Our booth is right next to the popcorn.  What could be better?!” jokes Team Play owner Frank Pellegrini.

“Actually, we are expecting to hit another home run with our Generation II Fun Stop Photos at IAAPA this year,” Pellegrini continued.  “The first generation was hugely successful, and Gen II builds on that momentum.  Fun Stop Photos is still two photo booths for the price of one.  And this year, we are releasing several exciting new features for Gen II, including all of the social media tools,” he said.

In addition to uploading photos to social media, the newest version of Gen II includes Team Play’s exclusive “Smart Print” feature, which optimizes the photo booth’s printing to maximize throughput.  Also exclusive to Fun Stop Photos is “Adaptive Edge Sharpening” which dramatically improves the image quality derived from its Mitsubishi printers.  The booth’s Upsell feature allows customers to print extra copies of their photos.  Email-Upon-Error automatically sends notice when a printer’s paper media runs out.  Custom artwork capabilities allow the operator to upload logos, coupons, screen advertisements and custom borders.  Zoom and Pan features allow close‑up shots, while the wide-angle lens allows group photos from the back of the booth.

“The photo booth comes credit and debit card ready, and the menu options are easier than ever to use,” Pellegrini added.

Team Play customers will be especially pleased to learn that all of the new Gen II features will be available via download, to update their existing fleet of Fun Stop Photos booths at no charge.  “Be sure to have us swipe your badge, and we will email you a link to the software updates,” said Team Play’s Geno Giuntoli, VP of Sales.  Giuntoli is the one you will see hanging on the Fun Stop Photos curtains, to demonstrate their strength and durability.  “IAAPA does tend to be a bit of a workout,” Giuntoli laughed.

A relative new-comer to the photo booth market, Fun Stop Photos quickly garnered a large and loyal following in just a few short years.  “We were really excited that Fun Stop Photos was so well received when we first introduced the booth.  Since then, every year has been even better than the one before,” Pellegrini said.

Operators are not the only ones to take notice of this enormously popular photo booth. Recently, Team Play won Mitsubishi’s highly prestigious 2014 Special Recognition Award for the innovative integration of Mitsubishi printers into the Fun Stop Photos™ line of digital photo booths.

How has Fun Stop Photos so quickly captured the photo booth market?

Perhaps the excitement is because Fun Stop Photos are the only photo booths on the market that are effectively two booths for the price of one.  Team Play incorporates two Mitsubishi dye sublimation printers, two currency acceptors, two touchscreen LCD monitors, two high-quality cameras, and two cases of media into every Fun Stop Photos booth.  

Pellegrini explained, “With Fun Stop Photos, your customers can take photos both inside and outside the photo booth, at the same time!  Using the rear camera as an open air photo booth, 15 or more people can take group photos, while other customers are taking pictures inside the photo booth,”  Pellegrini said.  As a result, customers don’t have to wait in line, and the booth earns more money.

Not only does Fun Stop Photos generate extraordinary earnings for the operator, but the booth’s redundant systems contribute to the photo booth’s exceptional reliability.  “To be earning, the photo booth needs to be operating.  If one of your printers runs out of paper, Fun Stop Photos automatically switches all printing operations to the other printer, “ Pellegrini said.  “The photo booth also sends you an email and displays a discrete icon on the rear touchscreen to tell you to replenish the media.”

These reasons alone would explain the huge demand for Fun Stop Photos.  But, on top of all that, Team Play also offers the lowest ongoing media prices in the photo booth industry.

Several well-known chains have chosen Fun Stop Photos over the competition.  For example, Fun Stop Photos is the booth-of-choice for Dandy Amusements, one of the largest video game operators in the United States.  Dandy’s Chief Operating Officer, John Lemieux, said, “We operate over 200 units of Fun Stop Photos.  We got rid of all of our other photo booths, because  Fun Stop Photos is much more reliable, very durable, incredibly simple to service, and easy for the customers to understand.  Most importantly, Fun Stop Photos earns Dandy more money than any other photo booth on the market.”

Pellegrini added, “It’s no wonder these photo booths are selling as fast as we can build them!”

Go to Team Play’s web site at for more information, and be sure to visit Booth 2000 at IAAPA 2014 in Orlando, Florida, right inside the main entrance.  Team Play will be easy to find.  Just follow the smell of popcorn, and look for a big crowd!

About Team Play, Inc.

Team Play is owned by coin-op industry veterans Frank Pellegrini, Ed Pellegrini and Ken Fedesna.  From their facility near Chicago, Team Play consistently creates tasteful, family-friendly games that are fun for players and rewarding for operators.  Team Play’s coin-op video games, redemption games and Fun Stop Photos photo booths are known for their excellent earnings, reliability, ease of service, and reasonable operating costs.  Each is designed to provide operators with the highest possible return from every Team Play product. Visit for more information

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