Team Play’s Fishbowl Frenzy is Quite the Catch!

Team Play’s Fishbowl Frenzy is Quite the Catch!

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Team Play’s Fishbowl Frenzy is Quite the Catch!
Elk Grove Village, IL, Oct. 24, 2014 – A contender for the 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring Award, Team Play’s new Fishbowl Frenzy™ is proving to be quite the catch! Between its innovative new technology and outstanding test earnings reports, Fishbowl Frenzy has caused a lot of excitement among distributors and operators over the past few weeks.
The new augmented reality ticket redemption game was a huge hit and reported to be the “Talk of the Show” at EAS and ENADA. Team Play has received a virtual flood of pre-production orders for the new game. “We’re still getting new inquiries every day, and orders have been pouring in,” said Team Play co‑owner Frank Pellegrini. “If you haven’t already placed your order for Fishbowl Frenzy, then you’re behind your competition.”
What’s causing all the excitement?
Fishbowl Frenzy’s advanced technology, mechanical skill play, extraordinary graphics and cute characters combine to create a terrifically entertaining game – the likes of which have never before been seen. “Fishbowl Frenzy is very unique, unlike anything we have seen in the coin‑op industry before,” said Team Play co‑owner Ed Pellegrini. The three-dimensional visual effects are incredible. More importantly, you will not find anything remotely similar on your cell phone or home video console,” he said.

Fishbowl Frenzy is strictly a game of skill, which combines electro-mechanical and video elements with a carnival theme reminiscent of your childhood visits to the county fair, trying to win a goldfish in a bowl. Fishbowl Frenzy challenges players to carefully time the mechanical release of a ball, which bounces through a field of pins into one of the fishbowls below.
Actual fishbowls are attached to the face of the game’s transmissive LCD screen, in which charming and adorable 3D fish characters are computer generated. Players can see through the translucent screen to watch the ball drop, waiting in excited anticipation to see where it will splash and how many tickets they will earn.
Fishbowl Frenzy’s delightful computer-generated fish celebrate each win, spinning and jumping with enthusiasm. And, an entertaining carnival “Barker” fish encourages and congratulates the players throughout. The game play is easy to learn and highly addictive.

Team Play co‑owner Ken Fedesna is especially enthusiastic about Fishbowl Frenzy’s prospects. “In my entire career, I don’t think that I have ever been this excited about a new game! The advanced technology of the transmissive screen and our computer-generated 3D fish combine with the electro-mechanical aspects to create a highly-entertaining, highly-addictive game that is easy to learn and fun to play,” Fedesna said. “This game is truly something special, and everyone who has seen it agrees.”

The earnings reports to date reflect that sentiment, as well. On test since June, Fishbowl Frenzy has proven to be an exceptionally strong performer. One location reports that if there are only four people in the arcade, all four will be lined up for their turn to play Fishbowl Frenzy. In sum, the players are hooked!

The first units of Fishbowl Frenzy are in production and will start shipping soon, much to the delight of those who placed their pre-production orders early. The game’s official release will be at IAAPA 2014 in Orlando, Florida on November 18-21. Fishbowl Frenzy is a contender for IAAPA’s “Best New Product” Brass Ring Award.

For a sneak peek, check out Team Play’s web site at and be sure to visit Team Play’s Booth 2000 at IAAPA. “The photos and videos don’t do the game justice,” laments Frank Pellegrini. “You really need to see it in person at IAAPA to appreciate the graphics. But, at the same time, the longer you wait to place your order, the more operators will be receiving their Fishbowl Frenzy before you.”

So, catch up with your competition and get your order in the queue! Go to to find a Team Play distributor near you. And, in the meantime, 3D fish will be swimming circles and jumping for joy, because Fishbowl Frenzy is quite the catch!
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Team Play is owned by coin-op industry veterans Frank Pellegrini, Ed Pellegrini and Ken Fedesna. From their facility near Chicago, Team Play consistently creates tasteful, family-friendly games that are fun for players and rewarding for operators. Team Play’s coin-op video games, redemption games and Fun Stop Photos photo booths are known for their excellent earnings, reliability, ease of service, and reasonable operating costs. Each is designed to provide operators with the highest possible return from every Team Play product. Visit for more information.

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