Media Wives And Girlfriends

Media Wives And Girlfriends


Yesterday evening I was in the car with my wife and the conversation turned to the website and how she enjoys sitting in the sun outside Starbucks in Island Of Adventure this got me thinking on what other media Wives and Girlfriends while your working away for your website/websites.

To give a brief run down on a daily occurrence if I’m heading to the Parks at 8/9 am the wife will come out for breakfast then decide to stay by the pool with her book which is all well and good as I’d sooner she do something she likes.
If I head to the Parks in the afternoon from 1pm onwards and I get a message, tweet or I wanna grab a few photos of something I want to blog she will find a Starbucks or place to sit and read her kindle until I return then we carry on our day.
Now she enjoys this as she told me last night about she wants the site to be a success for me and wants to spend time with me but she started getting slightly bored on the first time I did this running round Universal Studios while it was immensely hot, we came to a mutual agreement to avoid arguments or bad feelings towards each other (ha ha).
She will do most things to do with the site just not run round Theme Parks.

Now my question to my friends, other tourism bloggers if you do this, what does your wife get up to if she’s out with you? Maybe we can let them start their own group, Starbucks gang, media wives etc


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