Disney Springs Opening Date For First Parking Garage

Disney Springs Opening Date For First Parking Garage


Visitors to Downtown Disney can start using the complex’s first new parking garage Nov. 20.
The garage will opened for a trial run for employees yesterday, additional levels will open for the general public two and a half weeks later.


The opening of the garage should help alleviate congestion in the area. Getting around and parking has been particularly difficult during Downtown Disney’s expansion. The complex is doubling its number of dining, shopping and entertainment options as it transforms into an area called Disney Springs.

The project includes two parking garages with 6,000 spaces. It also includes two pedestrian bridges, widening of Buena Vista Drive with dedicated bus lanes, and an extension off an Interstate 4 exit ramp that will lead directly into the garage.

The garage has five levels with about 4,000 parking spaces.
On Nov. 20, the first through fourth levels will be partly open with about 1,700 spaces available. In December, nearly 3,000 spaces will be available.
Features such as entrance ramps and escalators also still need to be added.


Last photo source courtesy of www magic.com on Google search of the entrance to the new parking garages

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