Picsolve Announce Expectations For 2020

Picsolve Announce Expectations For 2020


Picsolve, the leading image capture partner for the leisure and entertainment industry, announced its expectation for digital photography sales to overtake print in theme parks, with complete adoption by 2020.

Picsolve’s industry predictions, to be announced at Orlando’s IAAPA by CEO Jeff Kelisky, reveal the anticipated trends for photography in theme parks over five years and include:

• “By 2020 the average theme park guest will post at least five photos of their trip on social media while at the attraction”

• “At this point, 75% of global parks will offer only digital photography packages, pushed by the consumer demand and environmental concerns”

• “The imagery will fuel a ‘social media explosion’ within theme parks, driving gate sales and seeing park’s adopt pioneering technologies to support this trend

· “But those theme parks without a digital solution by 2020, including inclusive mobile applications or Wi-Fi, risk losing 50% of potential revenue”

After 20 years of innovation in the attractions industry and 100% growth its digital packages, Picsolve’s forecasts are evidences by increasing consumer behaviour to instantly share experiences online; with its own research finding 65% of 25-34 year olds share their pictures of theme park adventures or visits directly on social media.

Over the past year, Picsolve has also seen this consumer trend create huge opportunities for convenient “all-inclusive” retail solutions, providing guests with unlimited digital photography throughput parks, for a one-off fee. This includes high-quality images saved to users ‘Photo Tag’ wristband for collection anywhere in the attraction, while also available for download on the guest’s mobile device.

Picsolve believes that alongside the consumer anticipation for social media integration, these interactive technology advancements will help push forward digital in theme parks and ensure the demand will be globally fulfilled by 2020.

CEO of Picsolve, Jeff Kelisky, commented: “We know over a third of guests choose to purchase theme park photos to capture their experience, yet this figure could be considerably higher if convenient solutions were put in place. We have been investing heavily in easy-to-use digital solutions, such as our digital platform and all-inclusive price packages, to help our theme park partner stay abreast with these trends and future-proof their image-related revenues.”

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