I-Drive NASCAR Set To Open December 19th

I-Drive NASCAR Set To Open December 19th


I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing set to open on December 19th and will feature an exciting adrenaline and fun experience with futuristic electric race karts that will get anyone’s heart racing.

I-Drive NASCAR’s fast electric race karts will reach speeds of up to 45 MPH
They will also offer
A full fledged arcade entertainment section
Bowling alley with four lanes
Multiple private rooms, which will include a dance area with state of the art lighting and sound for up to 900 of your guests.
Grandstand restaurant which will feature racing driven themed meals and will be located at the center of the race track so the excitement is never missed.
Multiple packages will be featured to meet any group demands.

Information On I-Drive NASCAR
Circuit area: Half mile
Electric karts: Sodi RTX
Speed: Up to 40 mph
Grid capacity: 16 karts
Restaurant: Breakfast, lunch and dinner service.
Ballroom: Exclusive Buffet service, Bar and Restaurant.
Meeting rooms: Complete structure of audio and video.
Extra attractions: Bowling, Arcade games and Pool.
The Sodi kart RTX are produced in France, do not produce smoke and emit low noise. Its technology allows its speed to be limited remotely according to the age group.




We can’t wait to try this place: located just off International Drive
5228 Vanguard Street, Orlando, FL 32819

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