Innovations Set To a Shape The future Of The Attractions Industry

Innovations Set To a Shape The future Of The Attractions Industry

The future of the amusement park and attractions industry is set to take shape as new innovations in rides, slides, technology, and more are unveiled at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014 Nov. 17 – 21 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014 is the largest trade show in the global attractions business. The Expo provides a platform for the industry’s newest game-changing products to be tested, tried, and purchased by influential buyers representing leading amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, science centers, and more from around the world.

The Expo features 1,000 exhibitors who will showcase their latest innovations in more than 540,000 square feet of exhibit space. They will display new products in the fields of thrill rides, midway games, water slides, inflatables, simulators, food and beverage, technology, safety, and more for the 27,000 attendees expected to participate in the event.

In advance of IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014, several companies shared information about their new products and services, including:

IAAPA Attractions Expo 2014 New Products

Booth 4231
Adventure Golf Services launches The Golf Court Hitting Bay. The new product fits a driving cage, putting green, and chipping area into the same footprint as older driving cages and allows players to refine their skills for all three techniques.

Booth 3686
Adventure Solutions debuts the Ninja Warrior Course System, an obstacle course combining elements of parkour, rock climbing, and ropes courses that can be used for both fitness and entertainment. The course’s level of difficulty and element arrangements can be adjusted to suit all ability levels.

Booth 5117
Amusement Products’ new “Laser Fury 360 Galactic Defense System” allows players to spin and flip their seat in any direction within their moving vehicle as they aim lasers at opponents’ vehicles and ceiling and wall targets.

Booth 4187
The Crab, from Ankham Corporation, sends riders down a 40-foot-long water slide into the stomach of the giant crab. After arriving in the crab, each rider slides down one of the crab’s legs to a splash landing below. The Shell water slide sends sliders up the walls of a giant conch after a bumpy, spiraling, and oscillating ride through the inside of the shell.

Booth 5527
The Unixon Asset Management System from Auxel SRL is the union of computerized maintenance management software and an asset management system. It allows users to schedule the maintenance of assets, including rides or kiosks, and check their live status using a web-based interface on a PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone.

Booth 7010
Ecoline presents EcoZip, a tree-based roller coaster zip line. EcoZip uses a specially designed set of pipes and pulleys to make up a course that takes tight turns and loop-the-loops through the trees. EcoZip suits a range of ages and abilities and is wheelchair accessible.

Booth 4283
The Virtual Customer from Employment Technologies Corporation is designed to help companies hire high-performing employees within the amusement park and hospitality industry. With high-end graphics and a compelling storyline, the Virtual Customer immerses job applicants in the customer service role.

Booth 302
Entervending debuts the Ven Master vending machine. The Ven Master accepts both coins and bills and vends up to eight products from one machine. On-board electronics provide for remote communications through short message service (SMS) for product-empty alerts, sales reporting, and programming.

Booth 3700
The High Action Adventure from Extreme Engineering packages multiple attractions into one course. Guests experience ziplining, rock climbing, air jumping, and rope courses all in one place.

Booth 1719
Building on the popular sticker-sharing craze in Japan, Furyu Corporation launches a new photo sticker machine to introduce the experience around the globe. Using computer graphics and image-recognition technologies, it provides beautiful and fun photos, reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin tone as well as offering a variety of photo frames and background designs for each picture.

Booth 1854
The SD-25-w/DMX from Gilderfluke & Company is a complete solid-state stereo audio playback system. It can be used in store-casting, music-on-hold, museum, safety, haunt, and industrial or entertainment applications.

Booths 3587 and 7160
Head Rush Technologies debuts its new free-fall ride, FlightLine. FlightLine features a magnetic breaking system designed to ease guests to a soft landing while increasing free-fall time over previous models. FlightLine’s platform is mountable between approximately 18 and 27.5 meters.

Booth 3078
The Honolulu Hot Dog Company presents a different take on a traditional American classic. The company uses a unique blend of Hawaiian fresh fruit ingredients, handcrafted pineapple bacon sausage, and fresh toasted hearth-baked sweet bread to create a new and interesting hot dog experience. (No website available.)

Booth 3181
Hot Salsa Interactive showcases its ability to create uniquely branded mobile apps with customized features to address their customer’s unique business goals and objectives.

Booth 3275
Barracuda Video Systems from Hot Shots Imaging are commercial-grade video systems that capture a family’s best attraction experiences in full high-definition video, and, within minutes, can be reproduced and sold to guests upon return from their tour.

Booth 4815
Bolliger and Mabillard unveils the train for the new “Thunderbird” steel roller coaster opening at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, in 2015. “Thunderbird” is the United States’ first launched wing coaster and Bolliger and Mabillard’s first launched coaster.

Booth 4784
I Cing International Enterprise debuts its new kiddie ride, Go Go Pony. The ride simulates a horse riding experience for kids using a 19-inch monitor, shining horse body, and LED lighting. Riders choose from a variety of themed and interactive scenes and select multiplayer or single player modes.

Booth 231
IMPLY introduces its new “The Flintstones”-themed game and bowling experiences. Bamm Bamm Strike features a traditional hammer-and-target gaming experience using the famous Hanna-Barbara characters. Yabba Dabba Doo! Bowling allows up to six players to bowl 10 times with “The Flintstones” characters cheering each turn.

Booth 4137
Aquatic safety and risk management consultants Jeff Ellis & Associates announce the release of Ellis Education Services. Ellis Education Services provides International Association for Continuing Education accredited training courses, learning management services, and educational resources designed to meet the demanding training needs of owners and operators in the aquatic and amusement industry.

Booth 4260
KSB, Inc. introduces the Amacan Pump, a sturdy, energy-efficient submersible motor pump available with various impeller and propeller designs that’s easy to install, operate, and maintain. The slim and powerful motor minimizes discharge tube flow losses while boasting flow rates up to 110,000 gallons per minute, making it ideal for a variety of applications including storm water pump stations, water supply, wastewater recycle, and aquaculture.

Booth 4084
Mirror Mazes International showcases its Infinity Illusion mirror maze. While in the maze, the guest experiences a true feeling of infinity in all directions. Mirror Mazes International also offers mirror maze safety systems and provides audio and lighting packages.

Booth 3471
Niceberg Studios introduces two new films. In Rome Racer, a 3-D ride film set in Ancient Rome, riders enter a chariot race and are challenged to beat the Roman Gods. In Meet the Dinos, a family-oriented 4-D film, the audience joins a baby pterosaur that is about to leave the nest and encounter bizarre, yet amazing creatures.

Booth 402
Northern Leisure Group/Kiddy Rides showcases three new children’s attractions. In the Peppa Pig Car two children go for a ride in the Pig family’s car featuring sound effects such as the show’s theme. The Poppy Cat seats young riders in the cockpit area of an interactive airplane themed to “The Poppy Cat” television shows and books. In the interactive Fun Bus ride, guests steer the bus to catch the falling balls tumbling down a playing field.

Booth 3040
Picsolve showcases its new consumer-facing app and image-sharing platform. The app allows guests to access high-resolution park photography on mobile devices, save to their camera roll, and share it through social media. The app is available on iOS and Android devices in 14 languages including Arabic.

Booth 141
The TV Shield from Protective Enclosures Company protects indoor and outdoor screens from threats of weather, theft, and vandalism. The protective cases allow business owners to affordably entertain and inform customers in any environment with any TV or digital display.

Booth 1039
The Qubica AMF Suite Spot combines its new Highway 66 mini bowling with its new Harmony Furniture to form a bowling area designed for a variety of themed environments. QubicaAMF includes sales and marketing training with purchase.

Booth 4090
Redbone introduces a weather-resistant, economical, and easy-to-assemble portable shade structure in a variety of sizes and roof profiles. This industrial unit, made of powder-coated steel and aluminum components, offers a structure perfect for portable games, merchandising, pools, and kiosks.

Booth 3400
Ropes Courses, Inc. introduces a new ropes course to its product line: the Sky Trail Seeker. Designed for children ages 8-12 or anyone under 64 inches tall, the Sky Trail Seeker has proportionally sized elements and climbing activities for participants to discover their adventurous side and overcome fears in a safe environment.

Booth 2840
Designed to revolutionize ride design while allowing for greater rider freedom, Safe-Strap Co. introduces the Fail-Safe Remote Locking Restraint system. The unique Fail-Safe design offers rider-controlled latches with redundant remote-controlled locks to ensure rider safety.

Booth 2254
“Justice League: Battle For Metropolis,” manufactured by Sally Corporation, is set to open in 2015 at both Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis. This thrilling new 3-D interactive dark ride lets guests battle two villains from the DC Comics universe, The Joker and Lex Luthor, as they travel through Metropolis on Oceaneering-designed vehicles.

Booth 3288
Scara’s Italian Ice introduces its Soft-Serve Italian Ice base. The dairy-free, fat-free, and cholesterol-free treat is compatible with traditional soft-serve machines and is available in a variety of flavors.

Booth 3278
Skyline Attractions announces an all-new product line, GamesURide. Strike-U-Up, the first product available on this line, is a twist on a traditional high striker midway game. Guests step up to hit a target with a large mallet, shooting another guest up the game’s measuring stick depending on how much force is received.

Booth 2000
Team Play introduces its Gen II Fun Stop Photos photo booth. The booth takes photos inside and outside simultaneously and includes dual printers, bill acceptors, cameras, and touchscreens. Team Play also debuts its Fishbowl Frenzy augmented reality ticket redemption game. Fishbowl Frenzy combines festive carnival fun with 3-D animation and a 65-inch high-definition LCD screen to create quick, addictive game play.

Booth 5738
Lumenrail, a lighted handrail from The Wagner Companies, provides park designers with highly engineered systems for bringing light into any environment. Park operators are assured of customer safety and comfort, and as the lights are low-voltage LED, they are assured of long life and minimal maintenance.

Booth 511
TokensDirect debuts GameALERT, a real-time business-information system for token-based family entertainment centers. With this web-based, low-cost system, operators can track revenue, game performance, and potential problems remotely and in real time so that they can better position underperforming games, and address inoperable ones quickly.

Booth 3480
The Minion Actor Sound System by VFX Creative Studios and SG Labs, LLC is a compact, wireless sound effects system that can also be used as a public address system and lighting controller. Each model has a wireless key fob that activates up to six lighting and sound options.

Booth 2239
WhiteWater West combines the fun and thrill of a water park ride with a gaming experience in Slideboarding. Slideboarding is a special effects-driven water slide that uses tech-embedded rafts and other tracking technologies to keep score and bring a whole new layer of interactive play to the water park industry.

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