Fun Stop Gives The Crowd What They Came For!

Fun Stop Gives The Crowd What They Came For!

With all the attention that Fun Stop Photos and Fishbowl Frenzy have been generating, we don’t need to hire celebrities,” laughed Frank Pellegrini, Team Play principal and Chief Marketing Officer, in reference to IAAPA 2014. As expected, it has been “standing room only” at Team Play’s IAAPA booth in Orlando all of this week. There has been plenty of excitement over Team Play’s two, new coin‑op sensations: the augmented reality redemption phenomenon known as Fishbowl Frenzy™ and Gen II of the extraordinarily popular photo booth, Fun Stop Photos®. Both vied for attention at IAAPA – and got it!

“First, it’s hard to miss that neon-green camera topper flashing its strobe across the trade show floor,” said Pellegrini. “Fun Stop Photos is noticeable no matter where it’s placed, and the photo booth draws attention inside your family entertainment center just as well as it does at the IAAPA show.”

Pellegrini continued, “Fun Stop Photos is doing so well in the photo booth market, because our core philosophy is that operators should enjoy maximum profits hitting their bottom line. Quite simply, our photo booth generates the most revenue and offers the lowest media costs in the entire photo booth industry,” Pellegrini said. “We market value for your investment dollar, instead of marketing with gimmicks.”

While Gen II builds on the momentum of the first generation of Fun Stop Photos by adding social media and a slew of exclusive new features, Fun Stop Photos Gen II remains two photo booths for the price of one.

“Redundant systems make it an exceptionally reliable booth. And, the rear camera acts as an open air photo booth for groups, at the same time that other customers take pictures inside the photo booth,” Pellegrini said. “The photo booth comes with two printers, two touchscreens, two cameras, two currency acceptors, two boxes of media and a hundred or so borders pre‑installed. It’s credit and debit card ready, and the menu options are easier than ever to use. Really, it’s a no-brainer,” he said.

Operators agree! Reputable chains and operators such as Brunswick Zone, Enchanted Castle, Hollywood Park, Beach Arcade, Dandy Amusements, and Midwest Coin Concepts all have endorsed Fun Stop Photos at with testimonials appearing on Team Play’s web site.

In recent months, other key, national accounts have chosen Fun Stop Photos over the competition, though Team Play is keeping quiet on those details. “Just let me say that you will be seeing a lot of Fun Stop Photos booths being placed in the coming year,” Pellegrini said with a smile.

Operators are not the only ones to take notice of this enormously successful photo booth. Earlier this year, Team Play won Mitsubishi’s highly prestigious 2014 Special Recognition Award for the innovative integration of Mitsubishi printers into the Fun Stop Photos® line of digital photo booths – an award based solely on merit and quality.

“You see a lot of hype and gimmicks in the photo booth market,” Pellegrini commented. “I have been joking that having Team Play’s booth adjacent to the popcorn and cotton candy at IAAPA would draw in more customers. But celebrities and gimmicks don’t sell photo booths. High earnings, low media costs and reliability are what ultimately sell photo booths. That’s why the Fun Stop Photos line has been so extremely successful and has drawn such a large crowd at IAAPA.”

Pellegrini paused and added, “Still, I was right about the popcorn and cotton candy.”



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