Interactive Entertainment Shows Off Don't Dunk It……Plunk It

Interactive Entertainment Shows Off Don't Dunk It……Plunk It

We met lots of great people at IAAPA but Interactive Entertainment Group who made us feel very welcomed to their stand to show off photography equipment and a game.

Don’t Dunk It ……. Plunk It, to me it looked like Christmas had come early and the chance to try out this game of beer pong meets basketball had me just like a kid waiting for Santa.

The unit comes as a 2 player or 4 player and is just as fun as it looks, the units are also customizable as they put it by
Shot Clock
Scrolling Marquee

What Interactive Entertainment Group say about this system
Beer pong (or ping pong) Meets Basketball! Very exciting addicting play! Bounce the basketball printed ping pong balls into cool basketball hoops while the score is being kept for all four players with their names recorded so if they get into the top ten they will appear on leader board. This is sure to become a staple game for any event. Scoreboard can be customized and branded.

We were meant to go back to have a meeting with them but as most of you know who have been to IAAPA its so easy to get lost, we had no paperwork, the press room tried to help us but unfortunately we just couldn’t find there booth again after trying for what felt like hours to end up back were we started, however that being said what we got to see and play had us excited to see what they bring back for 2015 at IAAPA, as now we know how to navigate the floor better which we found out on the last day.

This is a great game that would suit most arcades and attractions in central Florida so why not give them a call to find out more on
1.800.760.0724 Or visit the website

Also on hand for us to try out was their amazing Instagram Photo Booth more information can be found on their website along with other great products


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