A Vision Into The Future

A Vision Into The Future

From the Show floor at IAAPA to world wide benefits or at least that’s what we seen when we stopped by GableVision to see just what they can do with custom L.E.D displays to touch screen kiosks.


During the demonstration David showed us how effective the Touch Screen Kiosks can be and how in a hotel or theme park environment they can be invaluable.
The kiosk can give you interactive maps all by touch just like a giant tablet you use pinch to zoom on maps or swipe to show a different section, it can offer dining plans, menus, drinks menu’s and the ability to order through the touch screen.

We really do believe as good as having guide maps in your pocket is a few of these located at hotels and theme parks would provide a handy solution to visitors who don’t wanna waste time and wanna be in the que for there next ride or at the bar with a drink in hand.


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