Waltzing Waters Liquid Fireworks Stop The Show

Waltzing Waters Liquid Fireworks Stop The Show

While at IAAPA we were lucky enough to get to enjoy a showing of Waltzing Waters Liquid Fireworks. What these guys do with water and lights is incredible I could of stayed there for hours just watching and listening to the music it was mesmerising.


Unfortunately we didn’t take any video but enjoy this video from the Waltzing Waters Inc website

They create stunning indoor and outdoor shows

What the company website says
Waltzing Waters®, Inc. creates spectacular productions for both indoor and outdoor venues worldwide, each featuring distinct personalities, advantages, and opportunities.

Whether for an indoor or outdoor venue, a Liquid Fireworks® Show can add tremendous value and/or revenue stream to any business in any part of the world. Liquid Fireworks® have been featured by companies such as Disney, Sea World, and Universal Studios. As those clients discovered, we provide unmatched quality, reliability and the best value in the entertainment industry with our custom water fountains & water attractions.

As you read above they created almost all of what you see in our beloved theme park attractions.



Even the company business cards are a thing of beauty just a shame the camera didn’t do them justice


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