iPhone 6 Plus Review

iPhone 6 Plus Review

In September Apple announced their game changer, the iPhone 6 with its 4.7 inch display bigger than any iPhone we have seen previously but then they pull another punch with their iPhone 6 plus with its 5.5 inch display to be a contender in the phablet market.
Well here today we have a great review of the iPhone 6 plus


The iPhones of previous have always had a great camera, the iPhone 6 plus is no different with its f/2.2 aperture and the ability to capture HD video at 60FPS, we spent the whole day over at Universal Orlando Resort putting this phone through its paces.
Using the 6 plus as our main camera stepping away from our DSLR, we could find no faults at all with the camera, wether taking a Panoramic shot or ordinary photo it never once gave us reason to have to mess with settings all we can say is with this phone you may never need to take your camera out of the hotel





This is a video filmed at 60FPS

iPhone users more commonly known as wall hog’s and I ain’t gonna deny I used to be one of them, with the 6 plus we set out with 100% during a 13 hour stint at Universal Orlando Resort using the phone as a camera, live tweeting, blogging on the go and general phone use we came away with 30% much better than in our previous report for a different site on the iPhone 5 plus were its lasted from 9am till 12pm.
So on the whole a big improvement over previous models

The OS
With an ever growing operating system we all know and love its hard to step away from IOS which I have had other phones wether on test or just in general it’s a hard transition to step away, I fully admit to being an apple fanboy as everything I own is apple, a few technical glitches on the day at Universal with app crashing and phone freezing its never going to be pitch perfect when using the phone for the full day but as time goes on with more and more app updates and software updates it will get better

With its massive 5.5 inch display we thought we would have issues in direct sunlight but again it adjusted its own brightness and never failed to impress

Our Opinion
If your coming from android or this phone could be your upgrade from another iPhone, ,we definitely recommend it, In a full 13 hour stint with the 6 plus it hardly failed us, the camera and video functionality is faultless, the battery is incredible and overall feel on the 6 plus is amazing. We had the apple leather case on as we felt the phone was very slippy out of a case.
Bear in mind this is a big phone especially if like me you have small hands you will find one handed use hard.
We will leave you now with some photos and are overall score out of 5










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