Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Samsung Bring out another IPhone Killer handset or have they? Read our review to find out more.

We used the phone to cover The Orlando Auto Show, we set off at 10am with a fully charged battery by the end of the day at 9pm we hadn’t had to charge it at all. Although by the time we reached home it was dead! We loved the fact that it lasted us the day.
Things we did
Live tweet
Live Facebook posts
2 blog posts
Plenty of pictures
Plus texts

Samsung has bumped up the S5’s camera from 13 to 16 megapixel.
Photos are a really strong point on the s5 with its eye blinking fast auto focus of 0.3 seconds, colours are very vivid, panoramic shots are a little stuttery but that could be my fault being used to my iPhone.
Burst photos and best picture work perfectly.





The OS
With my s5 running kitkat 4.4 android, still feels great, really quick swiping to other apps and no freezing or switching itself off, the touchWiz interface really freshens up its look and feel, the only thing we noticed with really pro longed use was how hot the screen got.

Its 1080p HD AMOLED screen is beautifully crisp and bright.

With its new heart rate monitor is a nice feature when you step off the Hulk Rollercoaster at IOA you can check a before and after riding which is a nice little Gimmick.
With the charging port fully closed off the phone is totally waterproof In fact dunking your phone in the pool is fully encouraged we used it round the pool and stuck it under water for 20 minutes, it still fully functioned.
The finger print scanner was a bit fIddly especially in hot weather with sweaty or wet hands the finger print scanner won’t work

We recommend the Galaxy S5 to anyone its really easy to use hold in one hand and with the leather cases that come with the s5 are much better than the plasticy smooth feel of the s4, the camera is amazing, along with its OS and battery life it makes for the perfect companion on any vacation.
We will leave you with some photos and are overall score














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