Poll: What Is The Name Of The Dragon In Diagon Alley?

Poll: What Is The Name Of The Dragon In Diagon Alley?

Ever since Diagon Alley opened controversy has spread throughout the Theme Park community over the name of the Dragon on top of Gringotts bank. The dragon is featured in the final Harry Potter movie, and is SPOILER: in the Escape From Gringotts ride. The dragon never received an official name from J.K. Rowling or Universal Creative, so we have had to create a name for the dragon.

When I used to run ThemeParkInsite.com, Jake and I came up with the name “Jake” for the dragon as a small reference to Captain Jakes Amity Boat Tours, which was the lesser known name of the Jaws Ride (which occupied the plot of land before Diagon). The named seemed to stick around for a while but then it was changed to Flo, and a few other names. Some have said the Dragon is female, but there is really no way of telling.

So to finally make it official we have created the poll below so everyone can vote on the official name of the dragon. You can choose either Jake, Flo, or other which will allow you to type in your own name.

              Please Note: Voting will close on January 1st, 2015

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