BREAKING: Gwazi To Close At Busch Gardens Tampa *CONFIRMED*

BREAKING: Gwazi To Close At Busch Gardens Tampa *CONFIRMED*

The rumor has been floating around for about a year now, and it appears the time is about to come, Gwazi the only wooden roller coaster at Busch Gardens is rumored (Now Confirmed, read below) to be closing soon.


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According to, sources have indicated to them that Gwazi will indeed be closing shortly due to budget cuts.Screamscape is reporting that the final day to ride Gwazi will be on February 1st, 2015. They are also reporting that the ride will sit silent due to budget cuts. Nothing has yet been confirmed by Busch, but as soon as they make the official announcement we will let you know. This is a very believable rumor due to the fact that only one side of Gwazi has been operating over the past year. Gwazi opened at Busch Gardens in 1999 as a dueling coaster. More info to come soon.

  UPDATE 1:10pm- Busch Gardens has confirmed to Screamscape that Gwazi will be closing in 2015, but a date has yet to be announced.

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