Orlando Eye Construction Update. The Wheel Is Now Complete.

Orlando Eye Construction Update. The Wheel Is Now Complete.


If you have been to Orlando recently, chances are you have seen construction on I-Drive 360’s “The Orlando Eye”. Opening in Spring 2015, the massive 400 foot tall Ferris Wheel has reached yet another milestone. The Orlando Eye has completed the full circle and is now being prepped to add the ride capsules.

As I said before, this Ferris Wheel currently being build off of I-Drive is already HUGE! You can see it from very, very far away! The photo below was taken from about a mile away, yeah it’s big.


The wheel just completed the full circle this past week, it was built using orange supports to help evenly distribute the weight.

It is unclear as to if these supports will be staying on the wheel, but if they do i’m sure they will be painted white to match the wheel.

The wheel was made by first creating the inner-wheel, then putting the spokes of the larger outer-wheel on. You can see the inner-wheel still.


The spokes to the eye amaze me, as it is so intricate.

It takes a very brave person to be willing to take on this huge structure. I know I wouldn’t climb up those steps!


This light is very bright, and really lights up the Eye at night.

Bob over at PixelsAtTheParks.com noticed that all 14 drive motors (which power the Eye) have been installed.


Photo from: https://twitter.com/bobwadd1/

New signage has also gone up on, and around the Parking Garage.

We at Orlando Tourist are very excited for the Eye to open, we can’t wait to take a spin. Oh yeah, did we mention it’s huge?

While crews make the final adjustments before putting on the Capsules, we are signing off. Until next time…


See ya!

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