Jay Speculates: Twister Replacement At Universal Studios Florida

Jay Speculates: Twister Replacement At Universal Studios Florida

Rumored to be leaving for years now, it seems like it is truly time for Twister to leave. Of course it is much past it’s time, but hey it’s somewhat of a people eater. It’s time to discuss what I personally believe will be replacing Twister: Ride It Out. PLEASE NOTE none of the information contained in this article is official, and should be treated as pure speculation.


Image from: packngo4u.blogspot.com

Replacing Ghostbusters Spooktacular on May 7th, 1998 Twister opened at Universal Studios Florida. Many people were not a fan of the choice to get rid of the classic, but it made sense as Twister was such a large success. The ride itself was groundbreaking for it’s time. I mean come on, a tornado inside of a building?! Sadly today, the effects don’t match up to Universal’s standards. It seems everything else in the park is much more advanced.

Now, let’s begin to talk about what I believe will be the Twister replacement. Teebin over on the OrlandoUnited forums stated a while back that Twister would soon be closing it’s doors in order to make room for a Jimmy Fallon/ The Tonight Show experience.

A “Tonight Show” live show wouldn’t really work in my opinion. There really isn’t much you can do with the brand, but recently a new show was announced by Jimmy Fallon himself. If you watch The Tonight Show at all, or pay attention to viral-videos you would know that Jimmy Fallon often challenges his celeb-guests to “Lip Sync battles” see below:

Recently it was announced that Fallon’s sketch would be coming a full show, hosted by LL Cool J (To get more info on the show, click HERE). I believe that this would make an excellent replacement and would be a good people eater. Universal could take the “Projection” technology used in Disaster with Christopher Walken and make a projection of Jimmy Fallon, and LL Cool J. Two guests can be selected to have a “Lip Sync Battle” in front of a live audience.  This could be a great people eater and would be an amazing interactive experience. The guests that are not in the battle themselves can have “clickers” installed on there chairs that they can vote with.

Let me know what you think, would this be an attraction you would go to see or participate in? Be sure to comment below, and tweet us @OrlandoTourist1


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