Frozen Expansion At Epcot

Frozen Expansion At Epcot have released details over Epcot’s Frozen Theme Expansion.

Documents just filed by Disney reveal new details about a Frozen-themed expansion planned at Epcot.
Disney first announced the plans for a Frozen attraction at Epcot in September.
The new documents were prepared for the South Florida Water Management District and the Reedy Creek Improvement District and include a map of the attraction site.
The Frozen attraction will be located between the Norway and Mexico attractions inside Epcot, according to the plans.
Visitor Brittany Kirk and her mom were thrilled to hear about the Frozen expansion.

“(Our) brand new puppy for Christmas is named Elsa,” Kirk said.

The Frozen expansion includes a large 13,000-square-foot building that will serve as the main attraction.

“It’s just going to open it up so much wider, so more children will be coming on that side versus just the rides on the other side,” Kirk said.
The attraction is scheduled to open in 2016 and is replacing the Maelstrom ride, which was taken down last year.
Disney officials said their Imagineers are still working on the design and image of the Frozen attraction.

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