The Orlando Eye To Install Capsules This Sunday *UPDATED

The Orlando Eye To Install Capsules This Sunday *UPDATED

The Orlando Eye has announced the first major construction milestone of 2015, with the installation of its passenger capsules. The first set of 30 glass capsules will be installed on Sunday Jan. 18 and the entire process will span over several weeks.

Each glass capsule weighs approximately three metric tons (6,600 pounds), or the average weight of an Indian elephant. The installation process is unique to The Orlando Eye, as each capsule will be attached to the wheel by a shaft and hangar attached to the top of the capsule, making it a first for an observation wheel that uses the ski lift capsule design featured on the Eye. This system will keep the floor of the capsule level to allow guests to walk around for optimal viewing.

All 30 capsules will feature air-conditioning, bench seating, lighting and audio effects, and interactive tablets providing guests with information on the 360-degree views of Central Florida.

Fun facts:
· Each capsule weights three metric tons (6,600 pounds) or as much as an Indian elephant
· All 30 capsules will have seating, air-conditioning, lighting and audio effects and interactive tablets to enhance the guest experience
· Up to 450 guests can take in the 360-degree views at one time on the Eye, which include nearby theme parks, attractions, lakes, lush landscape, downtown Orlando and much more
· Once the structure is complete, the Orlando Eye will be 400 feet tall and weigh approximately three million pounds, making it the tallest observation wheel on the U.S. East Coast
· Each capsule has 10 panes of glass, weighing almost 1,300 pounds

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