Jay Speculates: 2016 Busch Gardens Attraction

Jay Speculates: 2016 Busch Gardens Attraction

Busch Gardens is Florida’s Thrill Capital, with 7 coasters at the moment it is no surprise that Busch Gardens is where thrill seekers want to visit. Lot’s of budget cuts have come to the park recently, but our sources tell us that Blackstone is still very interested in investing in the park. Busch Gardens recently opened Falcons Fury for there 2014 attraction. A coaster hasn’t come to the park since May of 2011, so it seems the park may be due for a new attraction. Today I am going to talk about what and where I think a 2016 coaster can go.

A permit has even been sent to the city of Tampa from Mark Rose for a 2016 attraction. It lists that the 2016 attraction will be in the “Tut’s Tomb” area of the park.


Note that the permit lists no building being built at all, but states that he value of the land will rise greatly due to this project. From $15,631,326 to $56,639,416 so it’s clearly something major.

We highlighted the building in question in RED below. In blue is where we believe that they can expand further, if needed.

MAP of 2016

Currently at Busch Gardens Williamsburg they are building a small footprint coaster, view more HERE. The ride will be called “Tompesto” and is a clone of he Superman Ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. I personally believe that Busch Gardens may have been able to strike a deal with Premier Rides (who is building the ride), to also bring one to the Tampa Park.

The ride fits perfectly in the area, and it would be a great ride to bring to the park.

MAP of 2016 With Superman

Nothing at all has been confirmed about a 2016 attraction, but permits don’t lie. We are not sure that this is indeed the attraction coming, but there have been several other rumors of coasters coming.

A few people have mentioned that a MACK spinning coaster is coming, but I don’ think that this is what Busch is looking for right now. Also rumored to be coming is a Hypercoaster to replace Gwazi and the surrounding area.

Gwazi lot

If anything is confirmed by Busch Gardens, we will be sure to let yo know. Stay tuned for more.

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