Skeletons Opening Date Revealed 

Skeletons Opening Date Revealed 

As the three Merlin Attractions at I-Drive 360 announced a May 4th Opening, SKELETONS: Animals Unveiled has schedule an Opening on April 25th. This attraction is filled with over 400 different animal skeletons. These skeletons will include a rhino, giraffe, manatee, primates, birds, marine life, reptiles and a massive 14ft elephant! 

One section will be devoted to uniquely Floridian animals; another will have a farm animal display. There will be a small selection of human skeletons. There will be natural mutations, like a two-headed calf skeleton. The 7,700 square foot attraction should take 60-90 minutes for people to see the entire collection.  A retail shop with unique gifts will be part of the attraction. 

SKELETONS: Animals Unveiled is the fourth attraction of the new I-Drive 360 Complex. With the new Orlando Eye, Madam Tussaud’s and Sea Life Aquarium,  SKELETONS offers visitors to International Drive an experience that is educational, entertaining and engaging.  

This will be the second Museum of Osteology (the study of bones) in the world. The first opened in Oklahoma City in 2010. Both locations are part of Skulls Unlimited Incorporated, owned and operated by the Villemarette Family of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Company president, Jay Villemarette, Sr began collecting skulls as a youth and grew his hobby into a successful, worldwide catalog/website business. Villemarette and his family do the work to transform donated animal carcasses into skeletons.

“We wanted to show that there is beauty in the science of osteology. Beauty is more than skin deep.” said Villemarette, Sr. 

Mark Brisson, Executive Director for SKELETONS, “We had hoped to open sooner but we want to have synergy with our neighbors and be part of the Grand Opening of the I-Drive 360 Complex. So we are, at present, working with a skeleton crew to complete the attraction in April.”

Brisson added, “The skeletons will be from animals that are extant, and not extinct. There will not be any dinosaurs. Only animals that are presently living. It is a great way for people to understand the framework of life.” 

SKELETONS is located at 8441 International Drive, Suite 250, Orlando, Florida

Hours will be 9 am to Midnight seven days a week. 

Adult admission is $19.99, and children (3-11) is $12.99. 

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