The Story Behind Jake’s Plane 

The Story Behind Jake’s Plane 

I’m sure most of us know the mysterious plane that’s located at Lowes Royal Pacific but does anyone know the story  as to why the plane is there? 

Jake’s plane is one of the most popular “photo op” spots at Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

But what’s the story? Why’s there a plane parked out on the lagoon? And who’s Jake, anyway?.

Crystal waters, swaying coconut palms and the tranquil serenity of the South Pacific islands have always captured the soul of man. At Loews Royal Pacific Resort, the story of the Golden Age of Travel unravels, inspired by the transition from a time of the legendary grand old steam liners to the eventual new and innovative age of air travel.

The exotic charm of the islands called out to Captain Jake McNally, a fictitious character who embodies the true spirit of the Golden Age of Travel, inspiring Jake’s American Bar.  A highly regarded master pilot and true leader, it was never a surprise to find the Captain on his latest adventures as he island-hopped through the South Pacific.  After a tumultuous break-up with his Hollywood starlet fiancée, Jake disappeared.  No one exactly knows Captain Jake’s whereabouts today. Rumor has it, he flies around to all the backwater dives of Southeast Asia.

But one thing’s for sure, his vibrant, adventurous spirit lingers. When you kick back, relax and enjoy a few of Jake’s favorite drinks or celebrate at a Beer Dinner in Jake’s American Bar, take a look around, and give a toast to his spirit of adventure that lives on today.

Written by Carrie for On The Road Blog for Lowes Hotels 

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