Busch Gardens 2016 Project Construction 3/24/15 (Update #1)

Busch Gardens 2016 Project Construction 3/24/15 (Update #1)

Construction has begun on Busch Gardens newest attraction, set to open in 2016. The park has confirmed that an attraction in in-fact coming, yet no details on what the attraction is have been released. The 2016 attraction will consist of an expansion to the current Tut’s Tomb building located in the Egypt section of the park along with 3 drenches. Let’s dive right on in on the construction currently happening.

We should probably start off with all the construction walls that have been placed to start construction on the unannounced project. The construction walls go out much further than we anticipated!

The train that goes through out the Serengeti of the park is currently closed as the 2016 project goes through the current train path. Currently the track is being re-routed.

Not much ground has been broken yet, but survey markers are visible almost everywhere near Montu.

Construction vehicles have also begun to arrive on property to begin construction.

And that’s it for this construction update. Be sure to stay tuned to OrlandoTouristBlog.com for further updates relating to this project.

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