What Can Picsolve Offer To Consumers At Attractions 

What Can Picsolve Offer To Consumers At Attractions 

Picsolve offer a range of world class image capture solutions, including ride photography, on-ride video, attraction photography and Green Screen Experiences at theme parks, water parks, tourist attractions, holiday resorts and other attractions around the world.

At over 500 attractions and growing including 

  • Alton Towers uk
  • Legoland Florida


This brief video will show you products, services and innovations 

Picsolve Showreel

During IAAPA we had the chance to sit down with Mr Jeff Kelisky CEO of Picsolve who made us feel very welcoming and comfortable in a busy and bustling setting, the space Picsolve had sectioned off for Meetings/Interviews made you feel like IAAPA didn’t exist and we could focus just on what Jeff had to say. Prior to joining Picsolve in 2011, Jeff held senior general management positions with IBM, AT Kearney, Siemens, and Microsoft. With deep management, sales, marketing and financial experience, Jeff has a strong track record of building businesses, restructuring and driving sales growth in multi-national corp.

We spoke about how it was going at IAAPA, the Picsolve app and what the outlook meant for 2020.

Talking to Jeff you can see his passion for Picsolve, they had only been at IAAPA for 2 days when we met up but were enjoying their Time and meeting people, even though the schedule was a bit hectic. We went onto discuss the app available for IOS and Android, you add your unique code and the photo is stored to your albums based on attractions visited so you can share straight to social media outlets. Picsolve have been online since 2013 as a webpage, with the amount of traffic they decided the app would be the next logical step to make life easier for the consumer who can access the photo while still at the attraction, for the future of the app they will be adding updates for captions and emojis to be added to the photo.

Picsolve have an outstanding method of 

Understand and Evaluate
Deliver and Maintain
Develop and Grow

What this means is that they are able to improve customer satisfaction. 

Picsolve offer 

  • Ride Photography
  • Ride video
  • Walkabout Photography
  • Green screen 
  • Waterpark Photography

And much more.

2020 Vision

As ticket prices soar how can theme parks, attractions and their suppliers continue to add value and enhance the guest experience. This with Printed Photography declining in favour of posting to social media and digital photo frames to show Photos.

The questions begs to be asked “Can we really expect visitors to keep on spending?” To offset the cost of high ticket prices, how can we add value to the experience? Jeff said the answer to this was they conducted a short survey with a panel of consumers asking how they felt about all inclusive photography as part of the ticket price and got some eye-opening results.

Over 98% of customers expressed an interest in an all-inclusive digital photography package as part of their entry price, with over 95% saying that if an attraction advertised “free digital
photos” included in their visit they would be more likely to buy it. 100% of guests found free photography either highly appealing or appealing.

The three most powerful reasons being; Not having to spend more money on the day, being able to collect all photos to share with friends and family (96% want to do this online) and importantly, good value for money.

These results suggest this offering has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool to consumers. Let’s not forget the power of social media, for the staggering… 96% of people that want to share photos online… (this still being the second most popular on-line activity along with watching videos) it’s mind-blowing to think of the potential reach of these amazing moments at theme parks and attractions around the globe.

  • By 2020 the average guest will post at least 5 photos of their trip during their time at the venue.
  • By 2020 we anticipate 75% of global parks and attractions will only offer digital image solutions
  • By 2020 ‘all inclusive’ will be an expectation of guests rather than a nice to have
  • By 2020 any park without a digital solution will risk losing 50% of their potential revenue.

Being a Photographer and getting to sit and talk with someone whose interest is photography and how it can help the consumer was fantastic, Jeff is an amazing guy who knows his Brand and how it can be effective. If your over at IAAPA 2015 be sure to stop by the Picsolve booth for a demo or try it yourself if heading to an attraction were they operate. 

We’re heading to Legoland Florida in May and will be trying out the app so be sure to check back for a full report on that.

Picsolve app available on 

Picsolve IOS

Picsolve Android

$14Million Dollar Investment Injection Planned 

Picsolve, the leading image capture partner for the leisure and entertainment industry, has announced its significant investment in the profitable United States leisure and attractions industry across the next two years. With a $14 million investment injection already planned, the company hopes to further boost the thriving US amusement parks and attractions industry, which is defying recessions and worth approximately $57 million to the US economy. The industry has reportedly increased 17% from 2007-12 and is forecast to grow another 7.1% annually through 2017 to reach $17.95 billion*.

Picsolve handles image capture solutions for 26 parks across the US, partnering with global brands such as Merlin Entertainment and Parques Reunidos. It experienced robust international expansion in 2014, announcing deals with Dubai Parks and ResortsHoliday World & Splashin’ Safari and Warner Bros VIP Studio Tours.

Renowned for its innovative and immersive photography and video solutions such as its award-winning GSX (Green Screen Experience technology), Picsolve is committed to evolving technology for existing and future customers. Available in parks across America including LEGOLAND Florida, the GSX solution is proven to boost a 70% profit increase for parks where it is installed, compared to parks without.

In addition to enhancing its investment to multiple attractions across the US, Picsolve has also strengthened its North America senior team with the appointments of Richard Phipps (Vice President of Business Development) and Gary Neveras (Finance Business Partner).

With over 3 million photos being uploaded to Facebook every day, and Picsolve research demonstrating that 68% of people confirm social media access is their most used app, the social surge has driven demand of Picsolve’s digital app within the US. It enables guests to download and share their park photos and videos on social media from mobile devices.  

Don Potts, COO of North America commented on the region investment: “Last year Picsolve demonstrated record photo revenue earnings and now is the perfect time to continue this momentum into one of the biggest expanding regions in the world. This profitable development aims to boost the leisure and attractions market and provide theme parks with an added value service for guests looking to enhance their experience.”

As part of Picsolve’s ongoing investment in the US market, the company also conducted some research into trends of attraction visitors within the US. The results, including 50% of respondents visited a theme park within twelve months




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