Raptor Encounter At Island Of Adventure 

Raptor Encounter At Island Of Adventure 

During a visit to Universal Orlando Resort while providing updates on Twitter we got a reminder from Parkscope Joe of what Orlando_united had posted the night before that we may get a preview at 11am, we raced over to IOA and managed to get right at the front for the Raptor Unveiling.

The new attraction is part of the Jurassic Park section of the park. Our video shows what looks like an advanced and life like animatronic dinosaur roaring just feet away from guests. This is not the first time Islands of Adventure has featured a “real” dinosaur. One of the park’s opening attractions in 1999 was Triceratops Encounter.

It featured a visit as veterinarians “examined” one of three “living” Triceratops” Topper, Cera & Chris. The gentle creatures could “eat” among other biological functions. The attraction closed in 2003, then briefly reopened in 2011 & 2012.

The new Raptor Encounter is close to where Triceratops Encounter used to be: Between the Jurassic Park Discovery Center & Jurassic Park River Adventure. Expect her to roar to life in front of guests several times a day once they have worked out all the kinks and bugs.

Michael Aiello posted this to Instagram the day before the raptor was introduced to us all during a soft opening, plus we bumped into the guy himself

While the Raptor Encounter is still not on the latest park map expect it to appear very soon, see our Twitter feed @orlandotourist1 for all the updates we posted on the day and news as an when we get it, head over to IOA and get up close and personal with the new Raptor and be sure not to throw your child into the enclosure they may not return. I’ll leave you with our YouTube video and a few photos – be sure to hit that Follow and Subscribe button

Raptor Encounter


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