Baby Boom At SeaWorld Orlando

Baby Boom At SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando has recently welcomed two new adorable flippered and feathered additions to the family:
On May 15, Flamingo Cove greeted a six inch Caribbean Flamingo hatchling

Taffy – a sea lion who calls Pacific Point Preserve home – gave birth to a playfully curious sea lion pup on May 27

Both babies are being cared for by their parents and can be seen by guests who visit their habitats.

The new chick – now ten inches tall – is growing alongside the flamingo flock and can easily be spotted by park guests when strolling by. The easiest way to spot the chick is to look for the only flamingo that is not fully pink yet – flamingos take about two years to develop their color as a result of their diet that is rich in alpha and beta carotenoid pigments.

Guests can also spot the sea lion pup with its mom Taffy at Pacific Point Preserve. Mom and pup are forming a close bond by spending quality time together and nursing.

The SeaWorld Animal Care team is continuing to monitor each mom and baby as they grow.


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