Rescued Dolphin Begins To Seek Food 

Rescued Dolphin Begins To Seek Food 

The 200-pound rescued rough-toothed dolphin being cared for at SeaWorld Orlando is still being tube-fed fluids and medications, but is beginning to actively seek out food when offered, which is an encouraging sign for the team members who are with the animal all through the day and night.  

This week, veterinarians performed radiographs on the animal and found possible signs of marine sponge in its abdomen, which it has been regurgitating. They will continue to monitor and run additional tests to confirm.
Animal experts and veterinarians are focused on monitoring the dolphin’s weight and blood work, both of which are key elements in measuring the overall health of the cetacean. At this time the dolphin is maintaining his weight and his blood work has slowly improved. He also tested negative for morbillivirus and brucellosis – two diseases that have been found in mass strandings.

The SeaWorld Animal Care Team and veterinarians will continue to provide around-the-clock care and treatment, with the ultimate goal to rehabilitate and return him to the wild.  


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