Twister Unable To Ride It Out 

Twister Unable To Ride It Out 

As the sun starts to set over Universal Orlando, we get more and more news of imminent closures and openings. 

Next in the chopping board is……….Twister, with rumours starting to spread like wildfire at the beginning of the year that Jimmy Fallon would be heading into the building. 

Over a week ago we got some word on Project 727 that Interior Demo had been filed. (See picture) 


With this new information we took to social media and asked you guys for your opinion on this Impending closure, here’s what you had to say 








Now it’s my turn to add my 2cents, I love the changes Universal Orlando resort are making at present with every other day being something new, Twister was never one for me as I wasn’t a fan of the movie and I was disheartened that they had allowed Ghostbusters to vacate this building for in my opinion a lesser attraction. I’m excited to see what Universal do with this building and if it is Fallon then we will just have to wait and see how Universal play it out. 
For now you stil have chance to check out this attraction so get in there while you can. 


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