SeaWorld Brings Orca Learning Into The Classroom

SeaWorld Brings Orca Learning Into The Classroom

Students all over the world who want to learn about killer whales or orcas can now get up close to these amazing animals right inside their classrooms.

SeaWorld Orlando has launched a live video call program free for teachers that allows classes to dive into marine mammal biology, questions, and careers in a new way. This virtual field trip available on Skype and Google Hangouts is a 30-minute live interactive call and Q & A session featuring SeaWorld’s trainers and whales.


The program topics are customizable for elementary, middle school, high school and university levels

How does it work

  • SeaWorld’s education team works one-on-one with each teacher to tailor the chat to their curriculum.
  • The interactive sessions are led by trainers, poolside with the whales, and cover topics including: physiology, behavior and communication; positive reinforcement animal training techniques; scientific insights learned by studying orcas at SeaWorld that can help whales in the wild.
  • Following the interactive session, the floor is open for students to ask the experts any questions they have about the animals, their care, or the trainers.

Teachers interested in SeaWorld’s free live video call sessions can sign up at


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