Scott Stapp Of Creed Visits Discovery Cove

Scott Stapp Of Creed Visits Discovery Cove

001 Scott Stapp Discovery Cove

Grammy award winning singer Scott Stapp, known for being the lead vocalist and founding member of the rock band Creed, visited Discovery Cove in Orlando with his wife, philanthropist and VH1 reality star Jaclyn and their two children Daniel and Milan.

002 Scott Stapp Discovery Cove

The Stapps met Roxy, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin that calls Discovery Cove home and were able to learn more about these magnificent animals and even swim with Roxy side by side. The Stapps also enjoyed gorgeous, lush views of the tropical oasis from their private cabana, where they were able to meet an assortment of different animals with unique stories to learn more about conservation efforts.


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