Terror In The Farmhouse As First Maze Announced For HHN 26

Terror In The Farmhouse As First Maze Announced For HHN 26

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Comes to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

The roar of a chain saw inside a darkened, deteriorating farmhouse is deafening. You are being hunted.

Moving past the rotting remains of other HHN ticket holders, you find your escape blocked by an immovable force. A force that has only one purpose –complete and utter destruction.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” –one of the greatest horror films ever made –will come to life as a new maze at Halloween Horror Nights 26.

You will walk through the iconic Texas farmhouse and experience Leatherface’s kills from the 1974 slasher film. You will desperately try to escape as the violent roar of his chain saw surrounds you. You will hear the cries –and see what remains –of Leatherface’s victims. You will come face-to-face with Leatherface himself.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” is the first in a horrifying list of mazes to be revealed at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 26.

More details are still to come

Halloween Horror Nights 26 will run select nights from September 16th to October 31st.


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