The Hulk Is To Roar Back Into Life Late Summer 2016

The Hulk Is To Roar Back Into Life Late Summer 2016


The news we have all been waiting for has finally landed today, on what The Hulks new ride vehicles will look like and how it has all changed for the facade of the ride.


As you enter the ride, you’ll pass underneath a towering figure of The Hulk, using his monumental strength to hold up pieces of the coaster’s track. The track pieces were salvaged from the original ride you learn something new everyday.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster

General Thaddeus Ross is calling for volunteers (you) for a new experiment. Your only warning is that you’ll be subjected to high levels of gamma radiation through a process called Hulk-a-fication. A potentially life-altering process first introduced by Dr. Bruce Banner. The end result is said to give subjects magnificent strength and a forceful amount of energy.

The story begins the moment you enter the building, which has been redesigned as a state-of-the-art military research compound. Inside, You’ll pass by laboratories containing high-tech equipment Ross’s team uses to execute his mysterious tests. You will arrive at the Gamma core an intense energy source that sends pulsing waves of radiation upward to fuel Ross’s experiment. As you move along you’ll witness the transformation of your predecessors as they undergo the perilous Hulk-a-fication process.


Once on board you will discover a brand new in-seat audio system that booms an original ride theme created by Patrick Stump, front man for the rock band Fall Out Boy. You will rocket through a new launch tunnel, packed with special effects but will you survive till the end and step out as our ever lovable green giant.


It’s the coaster we know and love but with some awesome new enhancements to bring you more into the action.

  • The Incredible Hulk Coaster is roaring back to life in late summer with thrilling enhancements that will make one of the world’s best roller coasters even better.
  • A totally new ride vehicle that features a sleek, modern design and powerful audio system that blares an exclusive, original ride score by Patrick Stump, front man for internationally-renowned rock band, Fall Out Boy
  • A new, original storyline and completely redesigned queue experience that places guests inside a perilous scientific experiment led by the nefarious villain, General Thaddeus Ross
  • An immense new attraction entrance featuring The Hulk himself


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