Mako Will Be The Centrepiece Of Shark Wreck Reef

Mako Will Be The Centrepiece Of Shark Wreck Reef


As we all anxiously await June 10th, Seaworld Orlando invited selected media outlets for a Hard Hat Tour of Shark Wreck Reef.

Mako Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster will surface on June 10 and will be the centerpiece of Shark Wreck Reef, a newly designed realm that blends education and thrills while immersing guests in an underwater world of sharks.


The two-acre realm will be fully shark themed and will include

  • Mako
  • Shark Encounter
  • Sharks Underwater Grill
  • shops
  • shark and shipwreck theming
  • educational experiences featuring sharks

Shark Wreck Reef

Designed to make guests feel they’re underwater and part of the group of sharks that have taken over a shipwrecked reef, guests will learn about the impact humans are having on sharks and why these animals are critical to the environment. Sharks are hunted for their fins,considered a delicacy in certain countries and in addition tens of thousands are caught accidentally in nets.

As guests venture further into the realm and into the queue line they’ll discover a unique sound system that will enhance their experience. An original Mako score can be heard and follows guests as they enter the loading bay and emerge from the station aboard Mako and up the lift hill.

Night Time At The Reef

specialty lights will accent the

  • coaster trains
  • realm
  • track

flickering and shimmering, simulating fish being scattered by a mako on the hunt.

Guests will climb up to 200 feet high on Mako offering tremendous views of the area around Seaworld before reaching speeds up to 73 mph.


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