Jack’s Away Which Means Chance Is Coming Out To PLAY!!!

Jack’s Away Which Means Chance Is Coming Out To PLAY!!!

Chance Will Reign at HHN 26

Fans will know her as the twisted right-hand woman of Halloween Horror Nights legend Jack the Clown. Victims know her as the last, cackling face they see before a tortuous demise, we kick off HHN 26 where we left off The aftermath of the carnage is still fresh and Chance finds herself incarcerated for the crimes of last year with the Jack in the Box on an evidence shelf waiting for someone to turn the handle once more,

Now the world will know her as the merciless force behind Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 26.


This year Chance will step into the spotlight as the star of the nation’s best Halloween event at Universal Studios Florida. Which will become her stage –where she will take guests on a journey inside her twisted mind as she struggles with what is performance vs what is real. Guests will find themselves in a surreal world of horror filled with

  • Nine all-new haunted houses
  • Elaborately sinister scare zones
  • Outrageous live shows

They will even come face-to-face with Chance in her very own demented haunted house and scare zone.

DO NOT forget who her mentor was!!!!


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