Roman Vs Fousey Tour Is Heading To Orlando

Roman Vs Fousey Tour Is Heading To Orlando


2 of Youtube’s biggest stars are bringing there tour to Orlando on August 20th at Hard Rock Live in Universal Orlando Resort’s City Walk.

Roman Atwood known for his prank channel and Daily Vlog video’s featuring his girlfriend and his kids, he promotes Smile More, which is also his brand.

Fousey real name Yousef Saleh Erakat is also known for Pranks and his Daily Vlog channel is currently trying to promote positivity on Youtube at the minute.

(Links to both channels can be found below this post)

Roman and Yousef who have made this tour before knew after stepping out on stage and seeing the crowds reaction, realised they wanted to do this again. There going world wide and stopping in Orlando for one night before heading off to Miami.

If you want to buy tickets follow this link  to see dates and check ticket availability.

Roman Atwood Vlog channel :

Yousef’s Vlog Channel :

If your heading to the show be sure to let us know if you enjoy it 🙂


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