Orlando Tourist Unplugged – Bloggers Unite

Orlando Tourist Unplugged – Bloggers Unite


*This post has changed from its original to co-incide with more recent events*

I don’t do posts like this for fear of repercussions but its time, i feel the need to speak my mind on recent things I’ve seen/witnessed first hand.

I class so many of you as friends and also family, use have helped me grow in the last 3 years from just being a small modest site to what it is today, we provide a lot of help to all who send us emails and DM’s, we have been fortunate enough to help in many cases with Universal/Disney and other outlets where someone has had a bad experience or told us how much they enjoyed their recent trip to Orlando.

I wake up every morning raring to go for the day ahead, do i class this as my business? the simple answer to that is yes i do class this as my business. I built it, i keep building it everyday, i work long hours on social media and the site, as well as emails between myself and future projects/events with various outlets but lets get into something you don’t know about me, i have a full time job, I’m fortunate enough to be able to do some of this during my working day. On average i spend around 16/18 hours a day working as besides my full time job and Orlando Tourist, I also own a photography business, a Youtube channel for technology/cars and Vlogs and many social media accounts. My average day carry around items are 2 laptops, 2 phones, camera, batteries and chargers. Do i do this for the money well seen as how it hasn’t earned me enough to pay for this years server, obviously not!!! I get up every day with the ethic of work hard and work hard anywhere, however this isn’t my rant and i hope use are all ready to take this in.

Just lately I’ve woken up to an absolute nightmare on my Twitter feed (just to clarify no names will be mentioned in this post), can i just leave this stuff from the night before absolutely i could just keep scrolling but the more you scroll again the more you see, my friends who are also bloggers having an all out Twitter war and it absolutely destroys me inside and stops me wanting to make my daily posts and social media posts so i can defend them the best i can but then my followers, subscribers, friends don’t want to see me getting into the debate/argument as thats how i go from being all out positive to dropping full on negativity on my feed/videos and posts.

So whats the solution to this issue? do we ignore it in hope that one day it will all go away? is it jealousy that others are getting on, to make their own sites better? do these people want to be the only bloggers out there so they get all the free stuff and attend events? right now we don’t have a solution, all we can say is that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

We can all play the victim in this matter, however to not be the victim you should not start things in the first place, as bloggers we all have an outlet to vent and some choose to do this through social media. If we talk about sites that have been around for many years who attend events and get free stuff they have earned the right to be there, they have worked hard to be in that position today, you can’t just expect to open a site and instantly be invited to events and get all this free stuff, it takes HARD WORK, patience and many years or working away to reach a level of i built this, its mine, i have earned the right to be here. There has been a lot of talk over the last few months of bloggers paying to be at events, pressuring PR’s into letting them attend and just general silliness.

Has Orlando Tourist attend events and had free stuff? of course we have but it wasn’t given to us easily we had to earn it and earn it to the point where one night I was up until 5am working on a video/post and social media for one story for an event that we attended for 2 hours. Some companies i only get press emails, some I’m invited out to on a regular basis, some wouldn’t know who i was if i walked in and others come say hello and chat to me, so please I’m asking you do not judge a book by its cover of all you see is them getting free stuff this 9x out of 10 is not the case.

I had written a lot more than this but after reading through it all i feel i have said what i set out to say and don’t want the whole this is about me blah blah blah.


Im also not the type of person to sit behind my keyboard being a warrior, if you have any issues with me i would sooner you name a time and place and sit across from me and tell me what the issue is you have with me. I’m not a big site or big on social media far from it but i learned from some of the best out there today and some that have left the scene behind.

We should be looking out for each other, not trying to get into an argument over absolutely nothing that concerns what we do.

This has been Orlando Tourist Unplugged, i hope you enjoyed this different post and i hope to see you all getting along and ill see you in the parks.


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