The Play Park Opening At The Florida Mall

The Play Park Opening At The Florida Mall


The Florida Mall have announced the newest interactive children’s concept The Play Park, the multi-sensory experience is set to open spring 2017, rounding out a dynamic mix of exclusive family destinations including Crayola Experience, M&M’s World and American Girl.

Designed by Play9 and inspired by the magic of “Alice In Wonderland” and Dr. Seuss, The Play Park is bursting with hidden surprises. Using the latest in interactive technology, The Play Park delivers more than 3,000 square-feet of imaginative play, inviting children of all ages to skip, climb, listen, share and romp in an enchanting, nature-inspired play space.

The Play Park features three distinct zones tailored to specific growth stages, stimulating creative play among children from infancy to childhood. The interactive playscape also includes multi-sensory elements designed to promote physical and mental activity and dexterity in a child-friendly environment. Highlights include:

  • soft-touch floor matting
  • sculptural climbing
  • memory games
  • creative hiding spaces
  • sound flowers
  • a digital pond
  • seating options for children and adults.

Age-specific play elements within The Play Park include:

2016 11 22_PlayArea[HIGH RES]

The Story Tunnel – (Zone: 6 months to 2 years)
As kids crawl through the interactive 8-foot tunnel, the floor beneath lights up and reacts to their every move. At the same time, invisible speakers tell the story of Duncan The Troll and how he looks after The Play Park.

Digital Pond – (Zone: 3 years to 6 years)
In the Digital Pond, kids catch digital worms in a wacky game called Wiggly Worms.

Talking Flower – (Zone: 3 years to 6 years and 7 years to 10 years)
Talking Flowers are a digital twist on classic playground talking tubes. As kids talk back and forth from one flower to the other, a microphone captures their voice and changes it to sound like pixies and elves. At the same time, intelligent bright lights in the flower head and base react to every word.

Memory Game – (Zone: 7 years to 10 years)
In this incarnation of the Stepping Stones, kids are put to the test in a memory game. Once they stand on the start stone, they see a path of light to follow before the path goes dark. Step on the correct stones and Duncan The Troll cheers you on, step on the wrong one and, BUZZZZZZ! back to the start again.

Sound Flower – (Zone: All zones)
Above each set of stepping stones are huge 14-foot tall Sound Flowers. These tulip-shaped flowers house directional speakers and colored SMART LED lights that react to any sound played through the flower.

* Shoppers are encouraged to visit the Crayola Experience and Dick’s Sporting Goods wing to see a detailed video previewing each element of The Play Park*

The Play Park is a culmination of The Florida Mall’s extensive renovation, and one of several dramatic enhancements designed with families, retailers and the community in mind. Notable redevelopment improvements include

  • 105,000 square-foot Dining Pavilion,
  • Exterior Plaza
  • upgraded Lighting
  • New Seating Lounges
  • Mobile Device Charging Stations,
  • Digital Directories
  • New Entrances
  • Resort-Style Landscaping,
  • Updated Way-Finding Signage
  • Exterior and Interior Enhancements – creating a bright and inviting atmosphere at the property

The Play Park will be located within the Crayola Experience and Dick’s Sporting Goods wing.


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