Universal’s New Seventh On-site Resort Confirmed By Filled Documents

Universal’s New Seventh On-site Resort Confirmed By Filled Documents



When the announcement came that we we’re going to lose Wet n Wild, we said ” this land will be for another Universal Hotel to make this their seventh and be a middle hotel to the new park that could open on the land further down Universal Boluevard” and low and behold we couldn’t of been more right, Universal have filed documents with the city showing that its former Wet ‘n Wild property will be developed for new hotel use, with 4,000 rooms. A sketch with the filing (shown above) shows three parking structures on the property. Demolition started on Wet n Wild in February and is currently ongoing.

Orlando Sentinel said “Many in the industry and the surrounding area expected development plans for Wet ‘n Wild to include hotels”. Executives with corporate owner Comcast Corp. have made no secret of their desire to build much more Universal lodging. Work is underway on a sixth hotel, called Aventura, at Universal’s main resort. With Two new towers set to open this year at Cabana Bay Beach Resort.


We have the potential for 2 new hotels looking at the sketch filled by Universal or one big massive resort split by Universal Boulevard, with all the money poured into Universal to create new rides and immersive lands its no wonder Universal are looking to open more lodgings with the foot traffic growing by the day and lets not forget what could be more perfect than having a hotel in the heart of the tourist corridor.

The new hotel filling boosts Universal’s room count to 10,000, if what we know is true that 4000 rooms will be coming to the seventh hotel, we may even see conference areas like Sapphire Falls an area that Universal are keen to tap into, we could also be looking at a prime lodging hotel similar to that of cabana Bay and the all new Aventura when it opens, along with a shuttle service that will run to all 3 parks. However having done this many times before you could opt for a glorious stroll over the bridge of the i4 and straight into CityWalks.


We have got to say we’re excited to see what Universal has to say about the new filings and we will publish the story as and when we get it.



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