Jimmy Fallon Spotted In Universal Orlando

Jimmy Fallon Spotted In Universal Orlando


Photos have started to surface on the UOAP Facebook group of Jimmy Fallon meeting guests while in the Race Through New York Gift Shop.

Jimmy Fallon seen wearing a Jimmy Name badge which we think could be for a segment in The Tonight Show with some unsuspecting park guests. Jimmy met and interacted with guests after coming down the exit stairs from the ride and there is now also a video of him having fun with Hashtag The Panda outside the New Ride, which has its grand opening on April 6th.


Fans have also spotted Higgins in the gift shop and around the park along with house band The Roots, who are in Orlando recording shows this week in the run up to the Grand Opening of Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York ride.

The tapings for the show begin today with a hole host of head lining acts set to be joining Jimmy including :

  • Monday – Vin Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal and Pitbull
  • Tuesday – Blake Shelton and Scott Eastwood
  • Wednesday – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Nicole Richie and Flo Rida
  • Thursday (the big day– April 6th the official opening day of Fallon’s Ride) – Jay Leno, predecessor of Jimmy Fallon will be there to help commemorate the occasion with a musical performance by Jason Derulo

Race Through New York

Experience the history and fun of The Tonight Show in Studio 6B.

Send a “Thank You Note” at the interactive desks.

See Hashtag the Panda

Enjoy a hip-hop barbershop performance by the Ragtime Gals!

Join Jimmy Fallon and all your favorite characters from The Tonight Show in a fun-filled race through New York City.


Huge Thanks for the photos goes to: 

Allie Caravalho – UOAP Facebook Page 

Sophia Morningstar, @sophiamornings1 – Twitter 


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