Save $$$ On Drinks In Orlando With Dollar Off Drinks

Save $$$ On Drinks In Orlando With Dollar Off Drinks

Here at Orlando Tourist we always work hard on bringing you all amazing offers and money saving tools to get the most to of your vacation, we teamed up with Dollar Off Drinks to bring you just that.

The Dollar Off Drinks card gives you 30 days of savings for $15, Danny CEO of D.O.D tells you more about how the card works “a tourist discount drink card will allow guests to save $1 on each of their own drinks in over 70 restaurants, bars and attractions in Orlando, so thats $1 off every drink you purchase”.

Amazing savings for only $15 if you work out just how much you spend on drinks while out in a restaurant or on a night out and just by showing your D.O.D card could work out into a massive saving for you, here’s a small break down :

Length of stay 10 days.

Average of 5 drinks per day while on vacation = $35.00 saving PER PERSON. After cost of card 

Dollar Off Drinks also offer 2 other cards besides the 30 day for $15, there is a

  • 6 month card for $25
  • 12 month card for $40

Dollar Off Drinks are currently working hard to secure more great venues and hope to be at 100 bars and restaurants by the summer.

As Orlando Tourist wants to help all of you guys out we teamed up with D.O.D and if you visit and enter the code OTB at checkout it will give you $5.00 off the 30 Day tourist card.  The card retails for $15.00 so in total you will pay $10.00.  Once you purchase a card it will produce a voucher you can turn in at the Orlando Eye or Florida Dolphin Tours (Pointe Orlando) to redeem.


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