Volcano Bay – A Water Theme Park Like No Other

Volcano Bay – A Water Theme Park Like No Other

A few days before Grand Opening, i gave Universal Guest Services a quick call to upgrade my annual pass for all 3 parks and asked how i sign up to be part of the grand opening celebration and without hesitation i was given my answer and i was signed up to be part of the action via the UOAP Facebook group.

At 6am a large convoy of cars where guided to level 1 of the parking garage, we got ushered into a line for UOAP members and got on the bright Volcano bay bus to head to the park. All i can say at this point is after exiting the bus and following the line to go in and seeing the massive volcano, it gave me a sense of immersion, like i had left Orlando and been transported somewhere else by the bright bus.

During my morning before the celebration began i took my time to stroll around to take in what i could in the space that was open to us, we then had a briefing with Matt Korn and got lined up on the beach for the celebration to commence. At 9.40 we were able to take a walk around and take everything in which i did 4 times to get all my filming and photos that i needed.

I headed back early the following day to do some rides and have some chill out time in the waves, i collected my TapuTapu wearable and went to get a locker it was a bit busy around the lockers but i got one fairly easy.





   I posted to twitter about Locker prices 







I then headed to the rides, as i strolled around a few rides where walk on as it was still early, using the TapuTapu is really easy to use to access your locker without a key, get return times for the rides and a great way to buy stuff without having to carry around cash or cards.


My take on the whole experience is ……. Universal have made a water theme park that is both immersive, fun, technologically advanced and a place to bring a smile to your face.




Lets address the complaints I’ve seen posted about the internet 

  • There are bound to be teething issues its only just opened
  • It’s bound to be busy (its new)
  • Don’t expect it to be like Wet n Wild
  • During the summer expect it to hit capacity a lot
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Let the Volcano Bay Team take care of your complaint before you start yelling
  • Get there early to get a good spot on the beach and to get rides in before it gets busy

The most important thing to remember is enjoy your day, take it all in, during the wait times enjoy the lazy river and wave pool, a cool drink or food, apply some extra sunscreen.

Check out our Grand Opening Day Photo Album – https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1y9KbY


Take advantage of the 3 park annual pass but remember – blackout dates in July




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Volcano Bay testing at midnight before the grand opening


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