Minnie Vans And What We Know So Far

Minnie Vans And What We Know So Far

Chevrolet Minnie Vans Parked At Test Track Before D23 – Courtesy Uber Forums

We have all been there at some point waiting on a Disney Bus to come through and take you to a special place where magic lives only to be stuck on a hot bus for an hour traveling to different resorts to get guests who are after the same experience as you, Imagine the feeling of stepping out at a Disney Theme Park refreshed and not hot thanks to some cool Air conditioning ready to enjoy your day at the park. Maybe your late for lunch, meeting, date or just in a hurry to get your vacation started.

We may just have the answer with the all new Minnie Van service, Disney’s new point to point transportation service announced at D23 and is currently under soft running and due to fully launch on July 26th.


One vehicle was spotted out and about yesterday by twitter user @glassj3n over at Disney’s Boardwalk.




Currently to book the service you have to speak to the front desk at your hotel/resort and they will book one for you (disney property only), once the service is available you will be able to use the lyft app (available for IOS and Android) which will recognise you are on Disney property and will unlock the Minnie Van Service, you will be able to request a ride and pay directly from your smartphone.

The cars that rolled out yesterday where 2017 Chevrolet Traverse’s while over by The Magic Kingdom there are another 18 plain white Equinox’s waiting to be wrapped which could be used for this service but its still to be confirmed, which makes complete sense for the service to offer a range of seating options, the ride at time of opening will be $20 flat rate but this could change depending on how it does and the mile range of your journey.



The drivers of the Minnie Vans are all Disney World cast members



What We Know So Far 

  • Official Launch July 26th
  • Flat rate of $20 per trip
  • Will be run through Lyft App or by speaking to concierge/ front desk
  • Child seats and boosters available
  • Hours of operation 6.30am thru 12.30am (subject to change)
  • Drivers are cast members
  • Disney Boardwalk and Yacht & Beach Resorts are the first to try out the new service with reports of this week being free while under the trail period
  • Cars : 2017 Chevrolet Traverse and possibly 2017 Chevrolet Equinox tbc
  • Will seat up to 7 people in a party
  • Fun And Whimsical for the whole family
  • Will take guest anywhere on Disney Property
  • Drivers for the service will be able to provide information about Disney property and vacation assistance. 

    What We Would Like To See In The Future

  • Different themed vehicle wraps (yes we know there called minnie vans but imagine some other options that could pick you up)
  • Better pricing
  • Take guests to other hotels outside of Disney

Disney was hiring cast members with at least one year of experience within the company for the positions and only those with at least 3 years with a Florida driver’s license. It is expected that those Cast Members be knowledgeable about all aspects of the Walt Disney World vacation experience so that they can answer any questions that the guests in the vehicle may have.

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