Ray Rush At Aquatica Reaches New Heights

Ray Rush At Aquatica Reaches New Heights

New heights have been reached on Aquatica’s new family raft ride with the installation of one of the attraction’s marquee features.

Early Wednesday morning, a massive 12,000-pound fiberglass sphere was hoisted into place, giving park goers a first look at what their spring visit to Aquatica has in store.


Towering 60 feet above the park’s entrance, groups of four riders will swirl up and down the sides of the sphere walls as part of the 508-foot slide experience.


Opening this spring, Ray Rush is where family and friends can take on three exciting thrills as they slide, splash and soar like never before.

How Ray Rush Works 

  • Riders will be launched with water jets designed to propel rafts into the first of several enclosed tube sections
  • Riders will then swirl into the giant translucent sphere
  • Finally riders will drop into an open-air halfpipe that resembles the shape of a manta ray
  • Rafts will soar back and forth on the wings of the manta before entering the final enclosed tube section that ends with a splash


Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark announced the addition of Ray Rush in October 2017. The new attraction promises to be a fully-loaded water adventure which will combine unique slide elements, never before seen at Aquatica, into one action-packed attraction the entire family can enjoy together. Ray Rush will have a height requirement of 42” to appeal to families with children.



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